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The New Mercies Mamas

Hey, Mama! We're so glad you're here! We know how draining motherhood can be and our desire is to help you connect with the true source of refreshment: Jesus! Let us help you interact with Scripture every day, through our online and in-print devotions!

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About New Mercies for Moms

Romans 8:23 Settling into the Christmas Spirit

“Mama, come snuggle with me!” my son called out. I left my wrapping and climbed under the blanket, happily snuggling him in front of our tree.  “The lights are so beautiful,” he whispered sweetly.  “They are.” I agreed.  I ... VIEW POST

Romans 12:12 Hold on to Hope

I don’t have to look very far to find chaos, unrest, loss and sickness. And yet there is also one other thing: HOPE. In the middle trying times, I hold on to my faith in the God of the universe with white knuckles. When I start to let go, the world ... VIEW POST

Psalm 103:13-14 We Are But Dust

My husband and I have a running joke when our kids are acting ridiculous. If our two-year-old starts screaming because he didn’t get to turn the TV off himself, we’ll say, “Why is he having a meltdown? It’s like he’s two or something!” It helps us ... VIEW POST