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The New Mercies Mamas

Hey, Mama! We're so glad you're here! We know how draining motherhood can be and our desire is to help you connect with the true source of refreshment: Jesus! Let us help you interact with Scripture every day, through our online and in-print devotions!

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About New Mercies for Moms

Ecclesiastes 3:1- A God of All Seasons

When Jill, Mary K, and I started New Mercies for Moms, I was in the thick of toddler life with two boys under the age of five. It was a hard season! When my two-year-old had a meltdown in the Target checkout line while his brother licked the gum ... VIEW POST

Isaiah 40:11- The Pace of Peace

“Buddy!” I breathed, exasperated. “I need you to move a little faster than a snail!!” My son is notorious for taking his time. He loves nothing more than ambling up the walkway or slowly sssllliiidddinng out of the car. As a younger mom, this used ... VIEW POST

Philippians 3:14- Press On, Mama!

New Mercies for Moms was born out of necessity. We were caught in the day-to-day of nursing babies and corralling toddlers. It was a lot of looking down at the two-foot-tall balls of energy we helped to create and figuring out what in the world we ... VIEW POST