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The New Mercies Mamas

Hey, Mama! We're so glad you're here! We know how draining motherhood can be and our desire is to help you connect with the true source of refreshment: Jesus! Let us help you interact with Scripture every day, through our online and in-print devotions!

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About New Mercies for Moms

Isaiah 55:2b- True Listening

Last year I faced the deep disappointment of walking away from a particular dream. In the decision to walk away, I spent a lot of time begging God to give me a specific word. It was a difficult time in my relationship with Him because I didn’t feel ... VIEW POST

Matthew 11:29- He Bears Our Burdens

I’ve heard teachers describe how a yoke was fashioned in biblical times as they spoke on Matthew 11:29. They explained how the owner of an ox would carefully craft a custom yoke for each animal. A well-fitting yoke was just right for the ox carrying ... VIEW POST

Ephesians 1:14- Live Chosen

“Mom, I wasn’t invited to the sleepover!” My daughter's gray eyes shimmered, as tear after tear spilled down her cheeks. We are in the thick of friend drama right now, and as hard as it was to go through as a kid, it’s even harder as a mom. Watching ... VIEW POST