Arise, cry out in the night, as the watches of the night begin; pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lamentations 2:19a

I rolled over in bed and checked the clock. It was 3:19 a.m. I had been tossing and turning for an hour.

I got up and crept quietly down the hall. I stopped by the dining table and grabbed my journal, then headed for the couch.

There were so many anxious thoughts swirling in my head–I honestly didn’t know where to begin. So, I wrote down the first thing that popped into my mind: Father God, help me!

For the next hour, I poured out my prayers to God. I wrote down every fear and acknowledged every one of my doubts. I begged for His protection over my children and His provision for my family. Eventually, my pen slowed and I fell quiet. I knew in my heart of hearts He had heard my prayer. I knew He would carry my burden. Comforted, I fell asleep.

We’ve all had nights like this, haven’t we? Nights where our fears feel bigger than the Himalayan Mountains? When we feel surrounded by our anxiety, the best thing we can do is pour them out in prayer. Scripture tells us again and again that our Father listens to our every word. He cares about our every concern. He invites us to lay them at His feet and leave them there.

What burdens are you carrying right now, Mama? I encourage you, pour them out in His presence. It’s the only place you’ll find true peace.

Press On, Mama,

Mary Kathryn

More Moments in the Word:

Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath! Psalm 116:2 (NLT)

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. Jeremiah 29:12

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

To Consider this Week:

When was the last time you “poured your heart like water in the presence of the Lord”? If it’s been a while, what has been stifling you?

What might help you practice this unrestrained kind of prayer? Writing in a journal? Taking a long drive? Going for a run? Try utilizing one of these practices (or one of your own) this week.

Take some time this week and lay your burdens before the Lord. Then reach out to a friend (or us!) and let them know how it impacted you.

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